alanna palmer
Graphic designer in london


What you need to know about me ...

Who am I? ...

I'm Alanna Palmer, and I am a London based designer.

Art has always been apart of my life, my mum is creative and shared her love of arts and crafts with me. I would say that this really influenced me and my choices later on. Having the freedom to create and be creative, getting your hands messy if need be, allowed me to use my imagination uninterrupted even if some of my ingenious ideas didn't always pay off.

I studied Graphic Design BA Hons at the University for the Creative Arts, which is where my analogue style developed into  digital. I learned to put down the glitter glue and pick up the mouse and create in a completely different way. Although the influence of traditional media was still very strong, I new that understanding the transition from paper to screen was something really necessary to my success. 

After  leaving  university  I continued to develop a cleaner style; cross-functional between  digital and print. Applying core principles to print associated with digital and vice versa. A skill I've put to use for more than one company, of late with the  leading glove and workwear distribution company in the U.K.