alanna palmer
Graphic designer in london

PH logo designs

Updating the face of gloves

October 2016

Polyco Healthline

A contending logo design for the newly merged company Polyco Healthline - the leading distributor, innovator and manufacturer of gloves and workwear in the U.K. Polyco being the leading manufacturer of industrial gloves and HPC Healthline producing a variety of innovative disposable gloves and workwear. The company wanted a recognisable design reflective of the merge between the two companies. Also conveying the innovation that both companies demonstrate in the designing and manufacturing of their products.


First Design

The pentagon shape conveys the family environment of HPC Healthline. The p.h intertwining in the centre reflects the  combination of both Polyco and Healthline creating the new company and new brand. 

Second Design

The design brings together the two (gloved) hands of Polyco and HPC to form one solid identity. The the tree-like icon merges existing departmental and ideological ‘branches‘ within one corporate structure. At once, communicating our human, friendly and organic approach to business. 


Third Design

The group and its connections – staff, clients, factories etc. – blend and work together to make the Polyco Healthline brand. The design is a reflection of this and how each element within the fabric of the company works together to deliver a great customer experience. 

Many of the innovative products created by Polyco and HPC push the boundaries of glove manufacture and the protection the gloves achieve. Such innovation inspired this design’s cell structure: while new and creative materials form our products, our staff and their departments make the products’ creation and delivery possible.